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Avalon Pharma has developed an expansive portfolio of pharmaceutical products.  

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Avalon Pharma has launched 146 SKU's through its own research and development efforts and currently has 24 molecules in its development pipeline.  Avalon Pharma operates three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Riyadh's second industrial zone:

Avalon Pharma 1

Manufactures topical preparations such as topical creams, lotions, other topical solutions, and cosmetic products. This factory produces suppositories and oral tablets and capsules on a small scale.

Avalon Pharma 2

Fully equipped with an R&D center, a complete analytical and development laboratory with a provision for establishing a large scale oral solid manufacturing facility. 

Avalon Pharma 3

Fully operational and has the capability to produce disinfectants, sanitizers, mouthwashes and large volume hygiene products.


Research & Development

Avalon Pharma has secured the resources to expand its research and development (R&D) activities.  The company's R&D team focuses on developing innovative products and complex formulations that will allow Avalon Pharma to meet the needs ​and expectations of customers.


The R&D team is responsible for product formulation, process design and monitoring of bio-equivalency testing for all segments.  Beyond product development, the team also works to manage the life-cycle of existing products and to improve manufacturing techniques.

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