Health & Wellbeing

Avalon Pharma

We are a young and energetic company that develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of unique health and beauty brands and generic prescription medicines. The greatest measure of our success is the ever-growing number of customers across the Middle East, and beyond, that appreciates and relies on our products every day.


As a “proud to be” Saudi Arabian company, our vision is aligned with the Kingdom’s Vision2030.  We are ambitious in our drive to deliver real benefits to: Our consumers, our scientific and commercial partners (both within the Kingdom and internationally), our shareholders and to the community at large.

Health & Wellbeing


By developing, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of prescription medications and unique health and beauty brands;  we  deliver health and wellbeing to our growing base of patients and consumers. 


As we grow, we continue to invest in; our talented workforce,  new and exciting technology and research and development.  This commitment is helping us deliver on our promise to becoming the Kingdom’s leading health and beauty company.

Our Core Values

Derived from our name, our six core values dictate the manner in which each member of our family strives to deliver on our promise of  Health & Wellbeing.


Lively, quick and well coordinated in every area of our operation

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Appreciative and protective of the trust that our customers and patients, shareholders and authorities extend to us

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In our drive towards producing biologics and gene therapy products. In our commitment towards achieving market leadership

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Training, understanding and developing our behavior everyday in order to deliver best practice across our organization

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About our future, the future of our people and the future of our Kingdom. A confidence created by our commitment to health and wellbeing

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Supporting and encouraging one another, protecting the health and beauty of our patients and customers. Nourishing the investment of our shareholders

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With You Every Day

In addition to our extensive range of pharmaceutical products, at Avalon Pharma we have created a wide range marketing leading consumer brands and product ranges that are found in hypermarkets and pharmacies across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond.


Our Reach


Across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we have a well-established scientific presence in all public and private hospitals and polyclinics.  We have also created solid commercial relationships with all the leading chain pharmacies, high-street pharmacies, regional distributors and leading hypermarket chains.   We are aligned with the Saudi Food and Drug Agency (SFDA) and the Ministry of Health and are committed to being a key player in the future of our industry in Saudi Arabia.

Our products and brands are available across the region and well beyond.  For more information regarding our agents

Our News

Together Towards 2030

Avalon Pharma is a privately held, proud to be Saudi Arabian Pharmaceuticals company working towards the Kingdom's Vision2030 through its commitment to local manufacturing, excellence and development of human resources.


Avalon Pharma adheres to the vision's principles of diversifying the economy away from its dependency of oil and gas, invests in human capital and is proudly within one of the promising future sectors of this future economy.  

We Are Responsible

From dedicating all our production lines and resources to ensuring Kingdom wide distribution and hygiene education, all of us at Avalon Pharma are doing our utmost in helping our Government win the war against COVID-19.  24 hours a day, seven days a week, for as long as it takes.

Export Market

Avalon Pharma products are helping deliver health and wellbeing to customers across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to thirteen markets beyond the borders of the Kingdom.  


Find out more about the markets where Avalon Pharma products are available, or contact us if you would like some additional information.

Dr. Mohamed El Menyawi, 

Export Manager

+966 54 9463656

Here To Help


If you have faced an issue or adverse drug reaction while using any of our products, or would like to share any concern or incident related to our products, please contact Pharmacovigilance & Medical Department: 


For issues or adverse drug reaction:



920010564  Ext.: 3327, 3335

Mobile no.: +966 55 222 1704