Business Development


In our commitment to excel, we keep pushing the boundaries to deliver the highest standard products that cater to the needs of the communities we exist in. While constantly searching for new ways to develop and market innovative products that meet the needs of patients and healthcare providers, in-licensing agreements have been an important factor that complements our dynamic environment. Besides our in house development, in- Licensing is a successful stream to expand our product portfolio, and access innovative technologies, where we work with our partners to reach different types of alliances and consider multiple business models such as licensing finished products, primary and secondary packaging, in addition to technology transfer where we can build a mutual success with our trusted partners, transferring high-end technical processes to our state of the art manufacturing facilities.


Avalon Pharma’s trusted formulations and finished goods, attracts Licensees that are interested in entering the markets while mitigating the risk associated with product development. Capitalizing on our expertise in production and regulatory affairs, our partners can access diverse therapeutic solutions while expediting time-to-market. Being a trusted partner to well established, respectful organizations, we provide private labeling to a selection of our brands.

Contract Manufacturing

We expanded our manufacturing facilities’ capabilities and size to meet our needs and that of the partners. As a contract manufacturer, our proficient R&D team is ready to support you both in pilot-scale development as well as later in commercial production with the aid of our scalable and flexible production capacity. On the flip side, we use the resources of other Contract manufacturing companies for products that we cannot produce within our manufacturing lines. Thus, building our collaboration with qualified & ethical CMs to ensure that our contract manufactured products are in compliance with the standards we apply when manufacturing in our facility. Hence, in both roles of contract manufacturing we work closely with our partners to develop needs-based solutions for a wide range of demands, contributing to the growth of both companies, and impacting our countries’ economy.

Strategic Alliances

Collaborating For Better Health

As an agile company our working approach is synergetic, inclusive and collaborative. Therefore, one of our core focuses is on Strategic Alliances where we engage with reliable and reputable players beyond a mere short term transaction driven relationship. We continuously seek mutually beneficial partnerships founded on trust and transparency through pooling our resources and creating long-term valuable collaborations. In return landing a win-win situation for both parties as well as benefiting from a competitive edge locally and globally.

Partnership Process


In the initial phase, we meticulously identify potential partners who align with our values and objectives, ensuring compatibility for a successful collaboration.


With precision, we conduct thorough searches to explore and evaluate potential partners, considering factors such as expertise, reputation, and shared goals to find the ideal match.


The commencement phase marks the initiation of the partnership, where both parties embark on a collaborative journey, laying the foundation for mutual growth and success.


To guarantee sustained success, we prioritize ongoing assurance, implementing measures to safeguard the partnership's integrity and effectiveness, fostering a relationship built on trust and reliability.


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