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Striving to emerge as the foremost health, beauty, and wellness company in our markets, we are committed to establishing our presence as a dynamic, customer-centered organization, leaving a lasting impact.


Our mission is to effectively develop, manufacture, and successfully market a diverse range of high-quality health and beauty brands, as well as generic prescription medicines across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the MENA region, Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Our Core Values


Vibrant, swift, and seamlessly coordinated in all facets of our operations.


We deeply appreciate and safeguard the trust bestowed upon us by our customers, patients, stakeholders, and authorities.


In our pursuit of market leadership in the pharmaceutical industry, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standard of products that align with our dynamic environment.


Through continuous training and development of our behavior and professional expertise, we strive to implement best practices across our organization and within our communities every day.


Dedicated to achieving a positive future for our community, kingdom, and the world, we actively pursue excellence in health and wellbeing for all.


By supporting and encouraging one another, we safeguard the health and wellness of our patients and customers. Simultaneously, we nurture the ever-changing needs of our stakeholders and markets.

Strategic Partnership

Our commitment to being the preferred strategic partner is affirmed by our agile approach, offering diverse collaboration models that align with the needs of our partners and the broader community.

Our Key Competencies

Sustainable Operation

We achieve sustainable operation by crafting a resilient strategy that prioritizes longer-term, transformative solutions.

Commercial Excellence

Our emphasis on commercial excellence centers around demand generation and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Innovative Talents

We strive to cultivate the right business model by harnessing the potential of internal and external talents, fostering continuous development of capabilities and skills.

Geographical Expansion

We aim to expand strategically in the right markets, utilizing the appropriate business model and portfolio.

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Board of directors

Executive team


Evolution Of Our Company


Avalon Pharma is founded as the inaugural manufacturing facility, "Avalon 1," under the banner of the Middle East Factory For Chemical Products, marking the commencement of operations.


Avalon makes its debut in the Saudi retail market.


Medico is established and initiates distribution operations.


Commencement of exports to GCC countries.


Avalon Pharma obtains the Ministry of Health (MOH) license to manufacture medicines.


Avalon expands its presence, reaching Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Oman, Palestine, Sudan, Yemen, and the UAE.


Avalon inaugurates its R&D facility, "Avalon 2," and launches its second manufacturing facility, "Avalon 3," signaling the commencement of operations.


Avalon introduces "Avalon 4," a new centralized warehouse to enhance logistics and distribution capabilities.


Avalon completes the expansion of Avalon 2 manufacturing capacity, initiating operations in Q2 2024. Additionally, the company undergoes a significant transformation, converting from a Limited Liability Company (LTD) to a Joint Stock Company (JSC).

Envisioning a Healthier Kingdom

Avalon Pharma stands as a dedicated partner in realizing Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030. Aligned with the national vision's goal of advancing the healthcare sector, Avalon is committed to contributing significantly to the well-being of the nation. Through continuous innovation, expansion, and adherence to the highest quality standards, playing a pivotal role in providing accessible and cutting-edge healthcare solutions.

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